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Outstanding quality of service & customer care

Why choose Coles?

Here at Coles Automotive our garage is fully equipped with the very latest specialist tools ready for our technicians to bring your car back to top working condition, so whether it’s replacement brake pads or a whole new gearbox, our professional team will work quickly and efficiently to remedy the problems.

At Coles we charge reasonable prices and always offer you the option of non-branded parts. We’ll also let you know how long we think your parts will last, we don’t just automatically replace them, we give you trusted advice and let you make a decision.

We make sure you receive great car service, every time

We are dedicated to providing an outstanding quality of service and we have a proven track-record of great customer care, once you’ve come to Coles you will return time after time.

We pride ourselves on giving exceptionally good value and the very best service. Our highly trained technicians have over 175 years combined experience and they use the latest technology and diagnostic equipment to make sure your car is serviced and repaired to the highest, safest standards.

Our unique location inside the South Downs National Park and at the foot of the glorious South Downs gives us the perfect incentive to make the care of our environment a priority at Coles.

We’re doing our best to make sure our garage emissions are as low as possible, by not creating unnecessary waste and recycling everything we can. Garages aren’t known for their environmental friendliness, but at Coles we’re trying to shake that stereotype.

Coles have been an important part of keeping my family on the road literally for over 15 years, from A-Z (Alfa – Z3) with many cars in between. A niggling noise or obvious fault is dealt with quickly & professionally. The mechanics smile, the office welcome you and know about engineering, Alex and his team care which is why they have become friends.

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