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Automatic Gearbox Specialists in Sussex

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Automatic Gearbox Specialists in Sussex

Our new specialist machine can change automatic gearbox ATF fluid (Automatic Transmission Fluid, or ‘oil’) much more thoroughly than traditional methods. We’re one of the only garages in West Sussex to own this equipment meaning you will get the latest technology put to use on your car.

Why get an automatic gear box oil change?

An automatic gearbox oil change can make your gears smoother, speed up gear shifting, and reduce transmission noise. It can also reduce wear in the gearbox and prevent damage and expensive replacements in the future.

Most manufacturers recommend you replace your ATF fluid every 40,000 miles. If you experience rough gear changes during acceleration, delayed gearshifts or noisy gear changes your car could benefit enormously from this service.

Having been a customer of Coles since the early days, I have always received excellent service. They are very reliable and highly reactive to unexpected service issues. Highly recommendable.

Simon Green, Hayward and Green Aviation Ltd

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