Why Choose an Independent Land Rover Service Centre?

11th March 2020

Land Rover drivers are a special breed of people, and if you are anything like us, you’ll love everything about your vehicle. The robustness and reliability, the style and space, the combination of practicality and bags of character, as well as the tangible sense of adventure and freedom you feel every time you sit behind the wheel. So, what are the benefits of choosing an Independent Land Rover Service Centre?

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A Land Rover is a truly iconic, unique, and special kind of car. If you want to find a mechanic who cares for your vehicle as much as you do, choosing an independent Land Rover service centre to perform repairs and maintenance just makes good sense!

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3 Reasons To Work With an Independent Land Rover Service Centre

There are many reasons to work with an independent Land Rover service centre. For a start, the team will have specialist knowledge of your vehicle and so will be familiar with its parts, and how to repair and service the car proficiently and professionally. Choosing an independent Land Rover service centre can also be a more cost-effective option, too, as they are an excellent alternative to the main dealers while still offering the same high quality and trustworthy service. Here are 3 reasons to choose Coles as your service centre:

1. Competitive Price

Car repairs and servicing can be costly, and a good Land Rover service centre will be committed to giving their customers the best value. Making sure that only genuine parts are used when they need replacing is a top priority. You’ll want assurance that only the best quality and correct parts are used for repairs and servicing, and an independent Land Rover service centre should be committed to sourcing genuine, top-quality replacements at the best possible prices. 

2. Reliability

An independent Land Rover service centre will offer a range of services for your vehicle that you can rely on. You must take your Land Rover somewhere you can trust and where you can come away feeling completely satisfied and assured of the work carried out. By choosing an independent Land Rover specialist, you can have that peace of mind every time you bring your vehicle in.

3. Expertise & Knowledge

The mechanics at an Independent Land Rover service centre should have specialist knowledge and plenty of experience working on different makes and models. Our founder, Alex, has a lifelong passion for restoring and racing Land Rovers,  rebuilding his first at the tender age of 17! The rest of the team are just as passionate.

The mechanics should also display an intimate knowledge of all the different parts that make up this exciting vehicle. An excellent service centre will understand that your car is precious and make sure that they use their expertise to do a fantastic job, whatever the situation, every time!

Choose Coles as your Independent Land Rover Service Centre

We are passionate about everything to do with Land Rovers. We’ve got years of experience not only providing the best quality Land Rover servicing for all makes and models but also driving, racing, and caring for these brilliant vehicles for our own enjoyment too!

At Coles, we will ensure your Land Rover is given the specialist care and attention it deserves. So whatever type you’ve got, if you need repairs or servicing, get in touch to see how we can help today!

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