How to Drive in Wet Conditions

20th March 2020

Coles Automotive has many years’ experience working to keep cars in top condition both on and off the road. Customers often ask for tips to ensure their personal safety in difficult driving conditions. Here are some of the pointers that may help in wet conditions.

Make conscious changes to your driving habits. Take specific precautions when it’s raining and you’re driving on the roads. Doing so means that you reduce your risk of an accident.

Driving in even light rain can affect a car’s performance. Understanding how to keep you, your passengers and other road users protected is vital. So whether you get caught in a shower or stuck in a torrential downpour, you’ll have the knowledge and peace of mind to continue to drive safely.

Did you know that it takes twice as long for a vehicle to slow down when the roads are wet as it does in dry conditions? Did you know that surface water can gather on the roads and cause you to lose control of your vehicle? Did you know that driving at speed through rainwater that’s accumulated on the surface of the road could cause you to lose visibility entirely?

Wet weather also means a breakdown is more likely. Damp conditions can play havoc with your vehicle’s engine and electrics. Breaking down is not only inconvenient, but also potentially hazardous. The better prepared you are, the easier it will be to stay calm and safe in the event of this happening.

Coles Automotive Tips for driving in rainy weather

Rain can have a significant impact on how safe it is to drive. Adjusting your driving style, therefore, staying extra vigilant, and taking more care makes good sense! In this blog we speak about tips for driving in rainy weather to keep you and everyone else safe on the road!

Leave plenty of time for your journey

Rushing or worrying about being late can put you under unnecessary stress and hence affect your driving habits. You may drive faster than usual or feel distracted. This affects your concentration. Leave plenty of time for your journey, particularly if you need to get to your destination promptly. Just this one thing could ensure that you drive within the speed limits and can focus on the road. The likelihood of others having collisions and traffic delays are also higher. Consequently you may need to allow extra time to get where you need to be when you need to be there.

Check your vehicle before you set off

Give your vehicle a thorough check before you set off on a journey, particularly a long one. A visual walkaround check is a useful tool. Test your brakes and all lights are working. Check your tyre pressure and make sure you have enough windscreen wash, engine coolant and that the oil levels are correct too. Coles Automotive offer a free vehicle health check. If you don’t feel confident that you know what to look for and how to fix any problems, we can do it for you.

Slow down in wet conditions

The amount of time it takes to stop in wet conditions is around double. This is because the tyres can’t grip to the road surface as well as when it is dry. Because of this, drivers need to be more cautious and slow down, when driving in the rain. Coles Automotive staff are expert in the different tyres available and can advise on whether or not you have the best tyres for wet weather driving.

Leave a bigger gap between you and the vehicle ahead

Because stopping distances are longer, it also makes sense to leave a more significant than usual gap between you and the vehicle ahead of you. This way, if they brake suddenly, you have extra time to react.

Use your lights

Heavy rainfall can reduce visibility. So, if you find yourself on the road in a downpour, make sure you switch on your lights. That way you can see the way more clearly. In addition, you are more visible to other road users and pedestrians too.

Charge your phone fully, and prepare for a breakdown, before you leave

Unfortunately, sometimes, no matter how well we prepare for a journey, breakdowns still occurs. In wet conditions, breakdowns are more likely. Before leaving, also take the time to ensure your phone is fully charged. Consider taking bottles of water and high-energy snacks as well as other useful items such as a first aid kit and blanket. These can help keep you comfortable if you do break down. Do you have the number of a breakdown service such as AA, RAC or Green Line?

Choose Coles Automotive for your car servicing and repairs.

If you are concerned that your vehicle may not be fit to drive in wet weather, or the severe rain has damaged your car, the professional team at Coles Automotive can help. We offer a free vehicle health check and have years of experience and expertise in helping all types of vehicle owners get back on the roads. Get in touch to book in your car today.

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