Coles and the Environment

Garages aren’t known for their environmental friendliness, but at Coles we’re trying to shake that stereotype

Coles and the Environment

Our unique location inside the South Downs National Park and at the foot of the glorious South Downs gives us the perfect incentive to make the care of our environment a priority at Coles. We’re doing our best to make sure our garage emissions are as low as possible, by not creating unnecessary waste and recycling everything we can. Garages aren’t known for their environmental friendliness, but at Coles we’re trying to shake that stereotype.

On top of this, we feel it’s our responsibility to help make your automotive experience as environmentally friendly as possible. There are various ways that we’re trying to reduce our own footprint, and yours too.

Our Footprint

Since repairs and services can create large amounts of waste (in the form of used/damaged parts, fluids etc.), much of our efforts are aimed towards reducing and recycling waste as much as possible. Used tyres are recycled by specialists, and our oil and fuel filters are collected by professionals and disposed of in an eco-conscious way. We also recycle or repair damaged car parts as much as possible and we use high quality, approved parts which have a much longer useable life in your vehicle.

Our courtesy cars have the highest possible environmental record – our Renault ZOE is virtually emissions free, and our small, light VW Ups are extremely environmentally friendly, with an impressive 64.2 mpg average.

Your Footprint

As well as providing you with one of our eco-friendly courtesy cars, we at Coles aim to make your own car more environmentally friendly. A Coles service is specially designed to make your car as healthy as possible, and in doing so significantly reduce its emissions. By effectively returning your car to factory health, you fuel efficiency increases and emissions decrease, allowing you to be confident that your car as environmentally clean as possible.

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