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Diagnostic Services

Cars aren’t what they used to be… In fact, almost all cars on the road these days have computers in them, meaning that being an IT specialist has become as important to us as a set of spanners! Diagnostic tests are a key part of any car repair or service, as well as being a useful one-off vehicle health check-up.

Keeping an eye out for warning lights is crucial to your safety and the health of your car. Some of those lights and symbols on your dashboard may seem indecipherable, so please do visit us to check out if it’s a minor issue with a lightbulb or it’s something more important to your safety, like worn brake pads.

Vehicle Diagnostics in Sussex

Don’t feel tempted to ignore the lights, tackling these small jobs early could save you from a large repair bill later as well as keeping you safe on the road.


If you are about to take a long journey, or a holiday on the continent with your car, please do pop in for a holiday safety check. We offer this low-cost service to all our customers, essential checks like tyre, lights and oil could save a roadside recovery and your holiday being less than the relaxing break you were hoping for.

Throughout the years of dealing with Coles, we have been more than satisfied with the help, care and expertise we have encountered. There is always and element of trust implicit in the buying, selling and maintenance of vehicles.

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